Custom Ordered Birth Samplers

The other day I received an email from a previous customer requesting her third cross stitch from me. Previously she ordered two birth samplers for her little boys, a “little peanut” (2014) and a “little pickle” (2012). I was nervous and excited when I received those orders a few years back, but they were completed and the customer was so happy, and so was I. They are the cutest little peanut and little pickle I’ve ever seen.


So, this person contacted me with the good news of their third child. This time a little girl; their “little lemon”. She contacted me inquiring about a newly created birth sampler of a little lemon. I was ecstatic, firstly because of their new little miracle. Secondly that she found me and came back. The last time I heard from her was in 2014, so it’s been a little while. It’s so nice to have a return customer because it really let’s you know that they appreciate your work. But, it works both ways, I appreciate them as well! Referrals and returns are the best, because of that verification of the goodness of your work.

I’m in the process of preparing a lemon into a pattern and adding a face as well. When I complete the current birth sampler I’m working on, it will be a go. Stay posted for progress pictures.

Below are pictures of the baby girl birth samplerĀ I am currently stitching for a friend. Her little one will be one in less than a month. She’s the cutest little thing.

Thank you “Mrs. Lemon” for finding me!!

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