Learning SEO – Speed of your website


Wow there is a lot to learn. All computer and no stitching makes me a crazy girl! There is quite a learning curve when it comes to getting your blogging and your website up to par. Yesterday and today I’m trying to conquer the slowness of both my website and my blog. I’ve optimized photos, which should’ve been a given on my part, but part of the learning curve. There are other things slowing it down that I don’t believe I can fix because WIX handles it and doesn’t allow you to fix it. So, for now, although my mobile numbers need some tuning, my desktop speed numbers are in the green. I’m going with it for now, and will conquer it again another time. I’ve watched many youtube videos to get me as far as I’ve come, but I know there is so much more to go.

Google PageSpeed Insights

If you’re interested in speeding up your website or blog, check out Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It’s pretty easy to check the speeds of your sites. It’s the fixing that can be a lot of work and a little scary if you’re not a technical guru. But, check it out, it’s worth a try. The faster your sites are, the closer to the top you’re sites will be in a google search.

Good luck!

Now hoping to get back to some cross stitching.

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