Rapunzel at my daughter's birthday party

Rainy days.

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down…” – Carol Carpentar.  Well, not really.  I actually like rainy days because the guilt of not having to do anything outdoors is not there!  This is coming from a person who had Stage IV Melanoma so hopefully you get it. The fear is getting easier to handle, but it’s still there and I hate sunscreen, so I’d rather just stay in to stay protected from the sun.  Mondays are another story….lol.

Today’s Plan

Some little friends are heading over soon to play with my daughter and hang out.  I’m hoping to get some stitching in during this time, but we’ll see.  I spent so much time on the computer yesterday with this SEO stuff and I think I’ve pretty much done all that I can understandably do….for now.  Hmmmm….I could edit some princess pictures that I’m behind on.

My acupuncturist’s teenage daughter has an online princess gig.  She does parties and events in the Hudson Valley, NY area.  She also does personal videos so can reach people nationally.  She’s great, Ellas Enchanted Events. She sings and entertains the kids and is incredible to watch.  For fun, I edit pictures I take at the events my daughter and I attend. It allows me to practice my editing skills, of which I need to expand on!  On top of this, there are the usual household duties to take care of.


Rapunzel from Ellas Enchanted Events. Some of my editing work done on this.


After completing my SEO challenge, my daughter and I headed to a trail for a walk.  In the three years we have lived in this area, we’d never been on this trail, mostly due to me getting sick and not being able to walk distances after my surgery and the cancer.  Well, yesterday was a day to try it.  It was not an easy walk.  My hip/leg causes much pain with or without my cane.  It is what it is, but it does stink, but I always remember it can be worse.  Fortunately, my daughter and I walk the same speed and we tired out at about the same time; me in pain and her just tired.  She actually got offered to hitch a ride in another double stroller of people walking passed us on the trail.  We were both so happy for the offer.  Regardless of the pain and how short the walk was, it did feel good to do something different with my daughter and watch her enjoy it.


On our trail walk we saw a snake, of which my daughter wanted nothing to do with.  I thought it was kind of cool watching him slither through the brush.

Anyway, what are your plans for the day?  Regardless, enjoy it!


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