Pixel Princesses

Beauty and the Beast

Today I decided to work on a quick project. I didn’t have the proper material, but what the hey. I was excited. I worked on a mini Princess Belle. I only had aida cloth count 14, but I went with it and boy is she mini. I hurried and placed an order for aida cloth count 11.


Pattern by Pixel People Minis – Storybook Princesses by weelittlestitches, Jacqueline & Christopher Gable

Needlesstosay, my 5-year-old loves it. My husband just got home from work. She asked him, “Ya wanna see something cool?” Came over to me and took the cross stitch to show him. She was very upset with me earlier today because she wanted me to stitch Ariel and Aurora, but I want to wait until I have the right sized aida cloth. I’m a virgo; a perfectionist. I follow the rules…hahaha. It’s just too small, but cute!


To show you just how tiny she is on Aida Count 14, here she is next to a quarter…


The inspiration for this project or the reason I searched for this particular pattern is because I’m sloooowly working on a princess-themed bedroom for our daughter. I wanted to stitch tiny princesses, individually, and frame them in those tiny jeweled frames. I thought it would be a great decor addition to the theme.

I will patiently wait for my aida cloth count 11 and stitch Belle again, as well as Ariel and Aurora as per my boss’ (my 5-year-old’s) request. Stay tuned.

This particular Belle will be added to my website and in my Etsy shop in the “just for fun” section. Check out either for more detail.

Stay posted for my next personal, sentimental project.

Thank you @weelittlestitches for your pattern! I love your work!

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