Birth Sampler for a girl or a boy, pink or blue

Birth Sampler Completed & What’s Next!!??


So, I’ve worked on this piece for a friend for about 35ish hours, not including picture taking and blogging and all of that good stuff.  This piece is so pretty and delicate.  I love the dark lettering against the light, gentle background and I cannot wait until it is completely finished.

The next step

The next step is to hand wash and then press this item for my friend.  I will then mount it so she can fit it into a 9″ x 12″ frame.  I will blog the mounted item for you all to see.  She chose not to matte it so we’re sticking to the 9″ x 12″ frame.  I will then mail it to her, she will adhere the photo onto the material, and then place it into the frame of her choice. I’ll await patiently for pictures of the framed piece and post them here.  I can’t wait.  It’s always nice to see your work on display.  We live a few hours away from each other so all of this is being done through snail mail.

As I mentioned in another post, this piece can be completed, in blue, for a boy as well.  If interested, visit my website or etsy shop to inquire.  Contact me those options or here at  I will be posting a picture in both places which will include more detail for this particular cross stitch.

My next cross stitch project

For my next cross stitch project, I have two ways to go.  I can start a very small piece that will probably take me a few hours to do or I can start a large piece which is a personal, sentimental item for a friend that will take a few months.  I may work on both and take my time with the larger project.  Stay tuned and I will fill you in on both!!

My next task

My next task is to frame this piece for an upcoming fundraiser for my daughter’s preschool.  It is part of the presentation for the raffle.  I was honored to be asked to donate a piece and thought this bright, cheery “yellow spring flowers” cross stitch, by Diana Watters Handmade, was a nice introduction for the people that will be contributing to the raffle.  I will post the completion of my presentation once I have it completed.

Check back soon for updates!  And please share your comments about these two pieces. Thank you for reading!

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