Personal, sentimental project from me to a friend for a friend

A Special Project

I started a new project last night. A huge project; one that is dear to my heart. Because this will take me a while to complete, I decided to make this a background piece, fitting in other cross stitches as I can while I stitch this larger piece.

Where This Cross Stitch is Coming From

To give a little bit of background, my acupuncturist, Lisa Vitale, has become a very close friend of mine; a very special person in my life. Her daughter has also become a close friend. She is the princess you will see in some of my blogs from Ella’s Enchanted Events. In meeting Ariel, Cinderella, and Rapunzel, my daughter has no idea that all three princesses have been played by the same person. She has met Tabatha out of costume once and continues to have no idea. It’s fun!

Anyway, my acupuncturist and her daughter have a friend who recently lost her husband, soon after the new year. They were a young couple with a young daughter. He passed away after a long battle with an aggressive brain cancer. I met them once, in person, at a princess meet and greet, but had no idea who they were until the wife contacted me via Facebook. Seeing the cancer posts on her page I accepted her friendship, believing I must know her through my own fight with Melanoma, but when I saw her picture, I recognized her, reached out to her and was told some of their story. I continued to follow her on Facebook and still do. Some of what they were going through reminded me of when I was sick and my heart strings were pulled pretty tight. Even their daughter’s name is so close to my daughter’s. It shook me a bit. Still does. I even have some survivor guilt at times and carefully reply to some of her posts trying to give my support as best as I can.

I had no words for her when her husband passed. I can’t imagine the despair and wonder about their daughter and what is going through her little head. I was living my biggest fear through them. You can feel so helpless in such a situation and want to do anything to help make the hurt go away, but as we all know, it is a process and one that we all need to go through to get to the other side.

Giving Back in Anyway That I Can

Right around Christmas, a picture was posted on the wife’s Facebook page. It touched my heart and I thought to myself, “That would make a great cross stitch, a keepsake for them.” Soon after I had this thought, someone had gifted it to them as a Christmas ornament, so I know this picture grabbed the heart of others as well.

Back to stitching this photo, the sentimental value of it reminded me of the cross stitch I stitched when I thought I was going to pass from Stage IV cancer, leaving my then two-year-old and husband behind.

When he passed, I decided that I wanted to stitch this piece for them, but instead of it be gifted from me, since I don’t know them well, it could be gifted from Tabatha, the princess. She was extremely close to them and babysat their daughter from time to time. She was torn apart when he passed away. I wanted to be there for her and be there for the family as well. I thought that stitching this cross stitch and giving it to Tabatha to give to the wife, would be an awesome way to tell them how sorry I am for their loss. It would make me feel good, in hopes that it will make them feel good as well. Because of my survivor’s guilt and it being difficult for me to reply to some of her posts, I thought this piece would say all I need to say and to let her know how sorry I am for their loss. While at the same time, allowing two others feel something special as well.

The Battle with Cancer Continues

I continue to read her posts and it continues to break my heart, for the wife and for the little girl. They were and are still a strong family and are still fighting to get through this battle with Cancer. It’s not over for them. They’ve lost a lot and they will come out of this different, but strong and kind, when the brunt of this storm passes.

Time…it can be our best friend, but our worst enemy all at the same time. I learned this when going through the four miscarriages I had prior to having our daughter and still deal with it with the leftovers of having battled cancer myself and watching those I love go through it as well.

All of my love and sympathy for a strong family and for all of us having to battle this beast! My heart will always be with you.

Thank you for reading!

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