Colored eggs

Welcoming Easter….and Cross Stitching


It’s time to color some eggs.

Today I plan on doing some last minute Easter food shopping and then heading home for some egg coloring with my daughter. I’ve neglected Easter a bit this year. I totally forgot a visit to the Easter Bunny and not doing an egg hunt this year. My husband’s been working a lot so I haven’t had alone time to shop for easter things for our daughter. He’s supposed to be picking something up. I’m feeling like a bad mom, but I’ll make up for it today with the easter egg coloring. Life can get so busy sometimes and before you know it, that moment is gone. Grab it and hold it while you can, a constant fight I have with myself. Eh.

More cross stitching.

Last night, I worked on the sentimental cross stitch piece I mentioned in yesterday’s blog for Charliestrong. I can’t wait to start making some sense out of what I’m stitching. This is the mystery part of the stitching, the exciting part. For me anyway. Once it starts coming into it’s own, it’s so cool. Then, once you can actually see what you are stitching, the mystery is gone and I can’t wait to start another piece…hahaha. I’m guessing that’s the fun of it for me. There’s a beginning, middle, and end for me when I cross stitch…and it can be relaxing when all stitches well.


Day 2 of Stitching- Visit my website for your custom order

Hoping to get more “Heart” stitching done later.



Happy Easter to all!

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