Rapunzel at my daughter's birthday party

Princess Belle & Easter pictures

I’ve been working on some photo editing using the free programs I have, GIMP and fotojet mostly. I’m an amateur photographer or better described as just someone who enjoys taking pictures and editing. The editing process can be very tedious especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. But, you won’t learn unless you try. I often wonder how professionals do it with the so many pictures they probably take and have to edit, and on a timeline.

I’m lucky to have Ella’s Enchanted Events who provides me with the opportunity to edit the photographs I take of her and her staff and some of the children during visits my daughter and I attend. It all started with us meeting the princess and me wanting to set my daughter’s bedroom up with a princess theme. So, I’m on a mission to get some awesome pictures of my daughter and her favorite princesses with the help of Ella’s Enchanted Events.

Princess Belle from Ella's Enchanted Events

Princess Belle meet and greet

I also, of course, have my daughter as a subject to practice on. Below are a couple of pictures I took of her on Easter with her pretty flower dress picked out by my husband.

Photograph of my daughter and her pretty Easter dress.

Pretty flower dress on Easter.

Beautiful flower dress and my daughter on Easter.

My daughter and her pretty flower dress on Easter.

Please write and tell me what you think of my edits and please, I welcome constructive criticism. Tell me where I went wrong or what is good about the photos. I want to learn everything I can with the help of those who photograph routinely.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

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