HEART cross stitching supplies

A little bit of stitching today…now and later

Got some cross stitching done this afternoon. It was nice to relax for a bit while watching Shrek with the little one. It’s a cool, rainy day and it was just nice and cozy. The best kind of stitching weather.

I worked on the HEART cross stitch I started and got about 2.5 hours in. It’s coming along.

Tonight I’m hoping to work on my 2nd project, the sentimental piece I’m calling “Charliestrong”. Updates to come, unless I fall asleep when I put my daughter down to bed. I was up late last night stitching.

I think I am enjoying working on two cross stitches at once. One project is very monotone in color and a more intricate piece in the way that it is taking longer to see exactly what it is and because of the blending of colors. When I switch over to the HEART cross stitch, the colors are so vibrant and there is no blending of two colors. It’s a much quicker stitch. Also, the heart is being completed on a larger sized Aida cloth than “Charliestrong” so seeing what you are doing is also easier. However, the HEART can get difficult because some of the stitches are so far away from the other stitches. The counting is more in mid-air, or in this case, mid-Aida. But in the end, no mater which, it’s all worth it.

What are you stitching? Do you enjoy working on one or two projects at one time? Or more?

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