My first fundraiser – Spring Flowers

On April 29th, I will be participating in my first fundraiser. I was honored to be asked to make a donation. Yesterday I spent some time preparing my presentation for the fundraiser. I stitched a small pretty cross stitch, Spring Flowers, as part of the showcase and for the winner to keep along with my offer of a free custom order of their choice, minus portrait stitchings and framing. I love how the basket and the piece came out and hope I can make a bit of a difference for the cause.


Presentation for a Fundraiser

The event itself should be fun. We attended last years and had a blast. It’s a fundraiser for our daughter’s preschool. We are part of a co-op school, where the parents, along with the teachers and assistants, help make the school tick. There are fundraiser events throughout the year, but this is the biggest and more geared toward the adults instead of the children. It’s a great school, we’re like a family. I will miss it next year when our daughter goes off to Kindergarten.

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