Birth Sampler for a girl or a boy, pink or blue

Birth Sampler for a Friend – The Cross Stitch Mounting Process

Today I mounted a completed birth sampler for a friend. It was my first time using a very thin mounting board. To fit in regular, non custom frames, these mounting boards work best in my opinion. I do, however, like the thicker mounting boards better. I feel you get a better stretch on the thicker mounting boards. When you pull the material on the thinner mounting boards, they bend, whereas with the thicker boards, you can stretch the material more removing more of the wrinkles that don’t come out with an iron.

In either case, I do love this birth record and can’t wait for my friend to receive it and to finally see it framed. This piece will make a great addition for a baby boy’s or girl’s nursery. The Dimensions kit comes equipped with dmc floss geared toward either gender.

If you have a newborn or know someone who does, contact me and order a custom birth sampler. They make great gifts and are great keepsakes. My daughter is five and I still have hers hanging in her playroom.

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