Editing RAW Images using Gimp


I currently use GIMP as my photo editor program since I only edit photos for fun and cannot afford Photoshop. I’ve never edited a raw image before, but it was suggested to me by a photographer friend at A Day In The Life Photography. The first attempt with taking photos in the raw failed me. I’m not sure what I did, but when transferring these photos from my camera to my computer, I did something to make the transfer process a little crazy. I’m not even sure what I did. So, I tried it again. This time, I only took a few shots and I took them in jpg and raw image format so I could see what was what when I transferred them to my computer.


I opened up Gimp to edit my raw image and oh my God! Gimp looked totally different than I’m used to when editing a jpg formatted photo. I’ve attempted to edit a raw image twice and I think I need to go on youtube and learn this other side of Gimp. I believe it looks more like a Photoshop program when editing raw images. I can’t even explain what I saw. The toolbars are gone and there are just graphs and things. It’s all foreign to me at this point.

So, I sat there and tweaked a photo just playing with different adjustments. I saved the raw image and then opened it but it was completely pixelated and I couldn’t see a thing. I’m wondering if I needed to export it as a jpg before opening it for viewing?! I have no idea, but this will have to be my next venture. Step by step I go. I really want to figure out this raw image editing stuff. Right now, I’m scared of it, but I guess I was scared of Gimp when I initially started using it too.


Any suggestions or insights on raw image editing for beginners is welcome!!!  Please!!!  🙂

Thank you.

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