Princess Rapunzel

Princess Rapunzel

Before starting to pack, I wanted to edit at least one princess photo. I’m so behind with photo edits, both personal and princess.

As mentioned in previous blogs, I’m not a professional and only dip and dabble. I tried editing raw images in GIMP, but having issues. My photo friends, Mitzi and Andrew, of A Day In The Life Photography¬†told me to come by so they can show me some of the ropes with editing raw images. When I get back from vacation, I plan on doing this. I can’t wait. Until then, I’m editing .jpg images for now.

This photo was taken at my daughter’s five-year old family party. For a year she wanted a Rapunzel party so we hired Rapunzel from Ella’s Enchanted Events. They are awesome. Princess Rapunzel was beautiful and had the most awesome singing voice. My daughter and other little girls at the party were amazed and so were most of the adults. This picture was taken after Rapunzel worked on my daughter’s make-up and hair and even crowned her with a beautiful, sparkly crown and gave her a princess certificate. My daughter felt like a true princess.

Princess Rapunzel

Princess Rapunzel from Ella’s Enchanted Events

When we get back from vacation we have a photo shoot with Ella’s Enchanted Events. My daughter is coming along and she will be in awe that entire day getting to meet many princesses at one time. Today, she told me she wants to dress as Cinderella, but on the day of the shoot, it may change. We’ll see.

I’m nervous for the shoot, and hoping I meet the expectations of Ella’s Enchanted Events.


Blast from the past cross stitch

Blast from the past

I was at my parents’ house this past weekend and was in their dining room. While I was there, I decided to take a picture of the very first, large linen piece that I cross stitched. It had a lot of details and I loved it. I entered it into a craft fair contest out in Illinois, but unfortunately lost, but, I still love this cross stitch and look at it every time I walk by it as it hangs on the wall in my parents’ living room.

I stitched this piece when I lived out in Illinois in my early twenties. Illinois, at that time, was awesome for things like cross stitching. The craft stores were incredible. One thing I missed moving back to New York were those little mom and pop shops. They really catered to your needs and just knew what they were talking about. I actually started stitching for them at one point.

On one of my visits to the shop, I asked one of the women who worked on this specific Native American¬†cross stitch that hung in the shop. It was a large, awesome piece. She told me that a man in prison stitched it. I was stunned and impressed and thought, “Wow! What a neat idea.” So, with this, I proceeded to ask her questions about stitching for their displays and that’s how I started. I loved it. Wish I could find something like that today.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the piece I’m sharing with you, as much as I do. It’s one of my treasures.

Blast from the past cross stitch

Victorian Cross Stitch

Close up view

Old Victorian cross stitch close up