I started cross-stitching at the age of 10 and fell in love with it. It is a form of therapy for me and brings calm to my life. Now in my 40’s, it is my desire and passion to create stitches with meaning just for you.


After the birth of my daughter in 2012, I had created a birth sampler to hang in her nursery. From there I began stitching birth samplers for family and friends as gifts. After experiencing four losses prior to the birth of our daughter, I learned the hard way, that the birth of a child is an absolute miracle. To document such an event in a special way became important to me and I wanted to share it with others.


No stranger to cancer, after my last diagnosis of Stage IV in 2014, I stopped creating birth samplers. With a pretty intense hit to my bone and knowing that my then two-year-old would not remember me in the event of my death, I began focusing my energy on completing a special project just for her in memory of me. I started stitching a photograph of her at her first apple picking experience the October before this diagnosis. I wanted to make sure that she had something special from me to her that could be treasured forever. I worked long nights on it just to get it done. It now continues to hang in our living room for almost three years. It has become a symbol that reminds me of how precious life really is. Closely monitored, I am surviving my diagnosis and have been blessed with the continued gift of being a mom to my child.


My daughter at two-years old – Portrait Stitches


I am now ready to focus my energies on creating cross-stitched treasures for you. Firstly, the name of my shop, aRAIofStitches4u, comes from our daughter’s name, Railyn, and the stitches I want to create for you. She has been a part of my journey and I wanted to include her in some way. In time, I have learned that my desire is to stitch items with meaning. Giving something to someone, that holds significance in their life, provides me with a feeling of excitement and accomplishment. I enjoy helping and supporting others and want this to show through in my stitched crafts made especially for you. It has become my passion and this is aRAIofStitches4u’s goal.


I share with you my personal story to express to you that I am not here to take advantage of the sensitive events of someone’s life, but instead to bring something to that emotional episode, both good and bad, that represents a symbol of sentiment.

When I first started my website and promoting my pieces, I had a person, on Twitter, post to me that I was taking advantage of people’s emotions because of a “Never Forget” piece I stitched. This is another reason I include this section here. I am not here for that nor do I have the time for that and after what I’ve been through, I know better than that. At the time of 9/11, I lived on the Jersey side, and was able to not only see the devastation, but to smell it as well, so, I promise you, I’m not here to take advantage of anyone. I understand that there will always be haters, but I want to express to you my goal.


“Never Forget” – NYC skyline


In the future, I am hoping my mom will join in my venture and begin creating knitted items such as children’s hats and scarves, puppy sweaters, and doll clothes. I will keep you posted.


Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to give back! I am looking forward to working for you and with you on specially made keepsakes and treasures. Please visit my website and read my blogs for updates on the progress of currently stitched items and for new and upcoming projects.

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