Photo Edits

Where does time go?

I woke up this morning and had all of these plans, to do this and to do that, in the house. And, of course, it’s a beautiful day out. I don’t mind staying in regardless, but I know I have to get my daughter out of the house. I struggle with this often. I’m a home body. Anyway, I usually get up and jump right on the computer and get a few things done. Well, it’s 1:30PM and I’m still here. I edited a few pictures for my daughter’s school newsletter, I edited some of my own pictures and a princess picture, and paid a few bills. I have yet to clean the dishes from breakfast and have to wash clothes. My head is spinning with so many different things to do, but not knowing where to start.

Figured, I’d come here first and show you my edits and then I’ll hop on the dishes and hopefully get outside at some point here.

The picture below I took on Easter Sunday. I was just playing around with my camera and thought, hmmmm, maybe it would be a cool shot. I tweaked it with GIMP and fotojet and PicLight this morning and came up with this. I wanted it a bit more vibrant, but all in all I like it. Any thoughts? CC welcome.

Photo Edits

A photo of a wind chime that hangs in our yard.

I’m so behind with edits for Ella’s Enchanted Events so I worked on one photo this morning. I hate that there is an ATM in the background. I’ve tried a few things to remove the eye sore in other photos, but I don’t have the skillset to cut it out and make it look good.

Any suggestions??

Beauty and the Beast

Practicing my photo editing on Princess Belle.

This picture was a jpg. I don’t have the raw image. I tried editing raw images not too long ago for the first time and got scared.  lol.  Yes, scared. GIMP turned into a whole different sort of program. I messed around a bit, but need to get to know how to edit raw images before taking a whole set of images in raw format I think.

What do you think? What’s my best course of action to learn how to edit raw images?


Thanks for any feedback you can lend!


HEART cross stitching supplies

A little bit of stitching today…now and later

Got some cross stitching done this afternoon. It was nice to relax for a bit while watching Shrek with the little one. It’s a cool, rainy day and it was just nice and cozy. The best kind of stitching weather.

I worked on the HEART cross stitch I started and got about 2.5 hours in. It’s coming along.

Tonight I’m hoping to work on my 2nd project, the sentimental piece I’m calling “Charliestrong”. Updates to come, unless I fall asleep when I put my daughter down to bed. I was up late last night stitching.

I think I am enjoying working on two cross stitches at once. One project is very monotone in color and a more intricate piece in the way that it is taking longer to see exactly what it is and because of the blending of colors. When I switch over to the HEART cross stitch, the colors are so vibrant and there is no blending of two colors. It’s a much quicker stitch. Also, the heart is being completed on a larger sized Aida cloth than “Charliestrong” so seeing what you are doing is also easier. However, the HEART can get difficult because some of the stitches are so far away from the other stitches. The counting is more in mid-air, or in this case, mid-Aida. But in the end, no mater which, it’s all worth it.

What are you stitching? Do you enjoy working on one or two projects at one time? Or more?


My first fundraiser – Spring Flowers

On April 29th, I will be participating in my first fundraiser. I was honored to be asked to make a donation. Yesterday I spent some time preparing my presentation for the fundraiser. I stitched a small pretty cross stitch, Spring Flowers, as part of the showcase and for the winner to keep along with my offer of a free custom order of their choice, minus portrait stitchings and framing. I love how the basket and the piece came out and hope I can make a bit of a difference for the cause.


Presentation for a Fundraiser

The event itself should be fun. We attended last years and had a blast. It’s a fundraiser for our daughter’s preschool. We are part of a co-op school, where the parents, along with the teachers and assistants, help make the school tick. There are fundraiser events throughout the year, but this is the biggest and more geared toward the adults instead of the children. It’s a great school, we’re like a family. I will miss it next year when our daughter goes off to Kindergarten.

Rapunzel at my daughter's birthday party

Princess Belle & Easter pictures

I’ve been working on some photo editing using the free programs I have, GIMP and fotojet mostly. I’m an amateur photographer or better described as just someone who enjoys taking pictures and editing. The editing process can be very tedious especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. But, you won’t learn unless you try. I often wonder how professionals do it with the so many pictures they probably take and have to edit, and on a timeline.

I’m lucky to have Ella’s Enchanted Events who provides me with the opportunity to edit the photographs I take of her and her staff and some of the children during visits my daughter and I attend. It all started with us meeting the princess and me wanting to set my daughter’s bedroom up with a princess theme. So, I’m on a mission to get some awesome pictures of my daughter and her favorite princesses with the help of Ella’s Enchanted Events.

Princess Belle from Ella's Enchanted Events

Princess Belle meet and greet

I also, of course, have my daughter as a subject to practice on. Below are a couple of pictures I took of her on Easter with her pretty flower dress picked out by my husband.

Photograph of my daughter and her pretty Easter dress.

Pretty flower dress on Easter.

Beautiful flower dress and my daughter on Easter.

My daughter and her pretty flower dress on Easter.

Please write and tell me what you think of my edits and please, I welcome constructive criticism. Tell me where I went wrong or what is good about the photos. I want to learn everything I can with the help of those who photograph routinely.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

HEART stitching update

While working on the Charliestrong cross stitch, I’m also dividing my time with working on cross stitching HEART. I’m about 5 hours in with this project:

This is a fun piece to work on because of the bright colors. I love working on bright colors. When I complete a color and go to another, I get excited. Yes, stitch nerd. I’m not sure many people out there get excited over changing from one color floss to another, except for probably us stitchers. It’s the little things.

I will update you on my progress again.

Thank you for reading.




Progress update on sentimental cross stitching – Charliestrong

Just wanted to update you on my sentimental cross stitching piece. Side by side, photo and cross stitch.

This is about 6.5 hours of cross stitching. This piece will be a little smaller than originally planned. I’m stitching it on 22-count Aida. Originally was going to be stitched on 18-count. For those who don’t know, the higher the count number, the smaller your project and stitches will be.

This is just a short post to keep you up to date with my progress.

Check back soon!


via Daily Prompt: Cranky

This will be my first prompt post.

Cranky…wow, I can think of a lot of things for this word. I have a five year old. When she’s cranky, I’m cranky. It is a very catching emotion to say the least. I know I shouldn’t let it get to me but it does. I’m a virgo so that may be part of it. She snaps out of her crankiness as fast as she jumps into it. Maybe because she’s a Pisces. We experience cranky almost everyday, whether it lasts a while or for a few minutes.

Like most kids, I’m sure, when she doesn’t get her way, she’s cranky. This makes me cranky because it irritates me when she doesn’t listen or can’t take what I say for an answer. Kids make a mess when they play, she gets cranky when it’s time to clean up. If we’re on a playdate or friends visit us and something doesn’t go her way, look out, cranky to the max.


Sometimes she surprises me, because when I think I’m going to get cranky, I don’t and wow, what a gift.

I guess if she wasn’t cranky, those good moments wouldn’t be sooooo good?! Maybe?!

The other side of cranky

There is that other side of cranky. It does happen and when it does, it’s awesome and joyous for all of us, mommy, daddy and little one.

You take the good with the bad and hopefully everything balances out in the end.

Wow! I feel horrible because I mainly wrote about cranky, but that was the prompt…right?!  🙂

Have a Happy Easter!

PS.  Don’t tell anyone, I get cranky on my own too. Without her help.